New group, yay!!!

OK - I do apologize for dropping out so suddenly. I've been swamped at both my jobs and dealing with an ear infection and other health crap. I finally set up a new group for us so please share the news with other interested folks. Moderator duty will be shared so with any luck there won't be a repeat of the posting/joining hassle we've seen here.

Please migrate to the new group so we can get to know the new people who have been so patiently waiting to join. We'll continue our planning discussion over there, too.

April/May meetup!

Spring is upon us! Let's celebrate the nice weather with another meetup in the next couple months. Bemused_dreamer has suggested an excursion to Red Butte Gardens followed by tea as an April meetup. If we want to take tea somewhere as a group we should make a reservation so picking a venue soon would be to our advantage. I know that the Beehive Tea Room does group reservations as does Grand America (our meetup venue last summer). Can anyone else suggest a venue for tea? (Maybe outside of the downtown/central Salt Lake area?)

While vending at Anime Salt Lake I met several people interested in participating in u_loli_2 meetups so with any luck our numbers will grow in the coming months. I've emailed Chris and Xen regarding moderation so hopefully the posting/joining problems will be cleared up and we can get to know the new people attempting to become group members.

Mini March Meet!

Hello everyone! I'd like to propose a casual meetup on Saturday March 30 from 3 - 6pm. We'll have an indoor picnic with light snacks and a fave lolita item show-n-tell. This meetup will take place at a private residence (mine!) so I'd ask that anyone wishing to attend please message me privately for the address and my contact information. Please let me know what dish you'd like to bring so I have an idea of what supplies to have on hand.

Location info:
- Lovely 100 year old boarding house near U of U
- Second floor apartment (accessible only via a flight of stairs)
- Cat in residence; tobacco-free apartment though lingering incense smoke may aggravate allergies
- Veg*n kitchen; I'm happy to lend the use of microwave/stove/oven for heating though I ask that meat dishes be prepared elsewhere and brought ready-to-serve.

Suggested dishes:
- Sandwiches
- Cupcakes, cookies, other picnic-friendly treats
- Pasta salad, potato salad, mixed green salad
- Cold drinks (lemonade, iced tea, etc.). I'll provide all the tea you could ever possibly desire though if you have a favorite, please bring it!
- Fingerfood - tiny tarts, tiny quiche, sliced fruits and veggies, etc.

Event info:
- 3 - 6 pm
- Come dressed in loli best or in whatever you feel comfortable in (assuming it's street legal!)

Spring Meet-Up!

Let's talk meet-up!

What shall we do?
-Disney on Ice (in early March)
-Crafts n snacks (Valentine's themed, Lolita themed, etc. or not)
-Indoor picnic
-Brand show and tell
-Book club (we all read the same book and then meet to discuss it)
-Any upcoming events?
-Any other ideas? (There's a master meet-up idea list but I'm not sure if it's visible to everyone.

When shall we do it?
-Are weekends or weekdays better for you?
-Morning, afternoon, or evening?

Anime Salt Lake is coming up on March 22nd and 23rd at the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus. If anyone is planning on going or would like to go, a mini-meetup could happen. (I'll be there!) More info here:

Let's plan a meet-up!

Group Maintenance

Hello everyone!

It seems there's some difficulty with posting new entries on the group; I have posting access but I'm not able to give it to anyone else. Are there any mods out there who can help correct the posting access issue?

Unless we can resolve the posting access issue, it might be helpful to move the group elsewhere. We can create a U_Loli group on Facebook; FB's drawback is that social/family/professional life can end up colliding so a user may want to create a FB account just for U_Loli access - just an idea. We can also create a U_Loli_3 group on Livejournal. We're all already here and I'll just leave a little note on the page here to redirect new visitors.

So what say you? Stay on LJ, migrate to FB, or is there another networking solution we should consider?

Dickens Christmas Meetup Dec. 7!

Ready for meetup? I sure am!

Let's aim to meet at 6pm near the entrance of the festival. The entrance fee is $7. The event is held at Utah State Fairpark. The address is 155 N. 1000 W. There's a large parking lot and at least one bus route takes you right next to the park ( for maps and schedules). If you'd like to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped present; $10 value firm. Dressing up is encouraged but if you don't have something festive to wear, come anyway. We'd love to see you!

I've been asked to work on Friday so I'll actually be arriving around 7. If anyone needs/would like my phone number just message me and I'll get back to you promptly.

I know this is finals season for many people so if you can't make it to this meetup hopefully we'll see you again soon. Let's try for another meetup in January or February!

Winter Meet-Up Check In

Alright, now that Thanksgiving is over and I've cleared my email inbox of all the Livejournal spam that collected there I thought I'd do a little check-in.

The Dickens Christmas Festival in SLC has two Friday dates, the 7th and 14th. The event starts at 4pm and goes till 9. It sounds like Friday was the best day for most people; is that still OK? Meeting at 6 or 7 would give us plenty of time to walk around and still let latecomers meet up before closing.

There was some interest expressed in a Secret Santa gift exchange. I'd suggest the same guidelines for the last gift exchange ($10 value firm, wrap it pretty).