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May 2012 Newsletter

May 2012 Newsletter
From the Mods:
Summer's just around the bend,  and boy are we ready for it!  Break out your ginghams, try some picnic-y or country lolita, or just swap out your heavy clothes for something a bit lighter. Put up those parasols, lolis, here comes the sun! As always, feel free to post in our LiveJournal community.
--Upcoming Meetup: Our Annual Hogle Zoo and Grand America Tea on June 5th, starting at 11:30 am! Celebrate u_loli's birthday with animals, tea, and a fun small gift exchange! Zoo admission is $10, Tea charge is $30 (actual price is $20, but as we went over that last time we are charging $30 and refunding any overcharge). Note: Grand America tea does serve non-tea beverages such as hot cocoa, etc. 
--Ideas for our June meet up are being accepted! Let us know what you'd like to do!
*Meet at the Hogle Zoo around 11:30. Walk around, see animals, be dorky. ^_^ Admission is $10 just to get in, $13 for a bundle that includes carousel and train ride
*Gift exchange, either here or at the Grand America.
*Around 2, carpool to the Grand America hotel. Reservations for afternoon tea are $30. Please pay ahead via paypal or contact me if paypal is unavailable.

Gift exchange rules:
*Nothing too fancy. We are not trying to one-up each other, just do something fun.
*Spending limit is $10 firm.
*Make it pretty! Wrap it, put it in a bag...etc.
*Have fun! You won't know who you're giving to until the meet, so...it'll be a surprise!

What I need from you: 
Step 1) Fill out this virtual RVSP card (below) and email it to utahlolitas@gmail.com !
Step 2) We will email you confirmation and Xen's paypal address, check to make sure you've been added to the appropriate list(s) at the LiveJournal community.
Step 3) Send $30 to my paypal address by May 29, 2012. This is for your reservation at the Grand America. Anyone who ends up not being able to make it and informs me 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Otherwise I will keep the money to cover the cost of your reservation. If I end up not having to pay the money for your reservation it will be refunded to you.
Step 4) Check to make sure you're marked 'paid'
Step 5) Buy/wrap gift exchange gift
Step 6) Let me know if you have any questions
Step 7) Come and have FUN!

RSVP Card:

LJ Username (if applicable):
RSVP? Y/N/Maybe:
Address (if a ride is needed):
Phone # (so I can get a hold of you if you get lost):
Would you need a ride?:
Would you be able to drive someone else?:
Would you bring a camera/Be able to take pictures?:
Paypal address (if you have one):
Community Spotlight
Name: Elizabeth Bowns (Xen)
LJ Username: xeniph_b
Birthday: May 28th
Lolita Style: Classic Lolita
Favorite Brands: Innocent World!!!
Hobbies: Reading, crochet, embroidery, makeup, costuming, cosplaying, historical reenactment, singing. 
When and how did you find Lolita? 
Wow, I feel so old now! I think it was my second year of college (about 3 years ago or so). I found a video of some Swedish lolis on youtube. I was lucky enough to find reliable sites like egl on Livejournal and lolitafashion.com. I loved the idea of modesty and cuteness, and since I've always loved old-fashioned clothing I was totally hooked!
Any ambitions or dreams to share?
Well, there's this one where I fly...no, just kidding. ;-) Ambitions...I just want to be a teacher, eventually find a guy who's willing to put up with me and love it, and to be a great mother and wife. As for dreams...someday I'd like to write a book, be in a play, swim with a mermaid tale and sing with some awesome group. Not asking too much, am I? XD
What's something unique about you?
I don't like sweet cream cheese. Seriously, cheesecake, frosting...I can taste if it has cream cheese in it. Blech. Savory stuff like dips and sauces, I don't mind it. Weird, huh?
What's one thing you'd like your fellow Lolitas in this comm to know?
I'd like them to know not to be afraid to come to me with questions. I'm not a total expert, but I'm not scary and I love helping people. They should expect an honest opinion, but always with kindness. I'm a really nice person at heart, and we were all new to lolita once.
What's one item you're lusting after for your Lolita wardrobe?
Just one?! There's a purse from Innocent World I need soon. I have a passion for their book purses, and they just came out with a new rose print one. I want it in white. No, I will have it in white! Someday!
Hope to see you at out next meet up!
--Utah Lolita Community
Disclaimer: Utah Lolita Community (u_loli or u_loli_2) is a private community and as such does not claim any affiliation with or sponsorship of other communities, groups or events unless explicitly stated otherwise. 
Please feel free to email us any questions or suggestions. Although we may not always respond due to time/scheduling constraints, we read our emails and do our best to respond to each in a timely and appropriate manner. Thank you for all of your help and patience.


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