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Let me just start out by saying I'm not looking for a replica debate.

Sorry this is going to be long. I just want there to be no misunderstanding. Ok now on to the questions.

Over the last few months my sister has been getting into Lolita. She loves Classic, but thinks sweet is fun too. a little while ago she text'd me asking about replica's. I told her that that is WAY to loaded a question for a text. Last night we got together and I showed her a lot of stuff about Lolita and explained both sides of the replica debate, so she could make her own decision.

My views of replicas is that I don't care for them, but don't hate them. My views are 100% apathetic towards the moral and legal points of the issue and lies completely with the quality. I came to this decision myself by buying 2 replicas 2nd hand a while ago on the comm sales(I wanted to see what all the fuss was about). I got them and decided for the most part, they aren't for me.

For this reason I couldn't care less what others wear. As long as they look nice, it doesn't matter to me where their clothes come from. I'm normally apalled by apathy in general, but I just can't make myself care about replicas.

ANYWAY. I also told my sister about the lolita panal at Anime Banzai and how much I learned from it the first time I went and so now she might be going to the panal. However this means she will be borrowing my clothes, she hasn't decided 100% what she wants to borrow but she really likes one of the replicas that's just been hanging in my closet.

So my question is this; would it make anyone feel UNCOMFORTABLE if someone were to wear a replica to this panel, or a meet up in general? Would any of you be mean, refuse to socialize, etc with my sister? I know that we have a nice comm here but just hearing what some people think about replicas makes me worry for my sister. I don't want her to be harressed. I really want to know because this is a community, and it's important that everyone can be together cohesively.

Or maybe because it would be to a con that the atmosphere is more relaxed to you wouldn't care about wearing someone wearing a replica, but maybe not a meet up?(lol weird logic I know, but it's kinda how I feel about it for myself XD) really I'm just wondering how everyone feels about OTHER PEOPLE wearing replcas.

Also if the response is that people are 'ok' with people wearing whatever they want, I myself might wear a replica skirt my husband bought for me. (not knowing what it is, he just thought it was cute) because its the only blkxwht thing I have and my husband wants to wear a blkxwht kodona at the panel and I think it would be so cute to match him! <3

Ok and also, who is running the Lolita panel this year? I'm assumeing it will be Xen again since she always does a wonderful job. Does anyone want to plan a small meetup for about that time? maybe like just getting dinner together after the panel?

I look forward to you're responses. Really, I am looking for honesty here. Like I said I'm really apathetic towards the whole subject. If you don't feel comfortable with leaving a comment, feel free to PM me! Also, even if you don't see this post for a few weeks, still feel free to let me know how you feel if you want!


Oct. 8th, 2012 09:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Yeah like I said, I checked them out and decided not for me. It just made me realize 'what's the point?' if it's the print I like then I'll get the real thing and if I'm just looking to pad out my wardrobe then thats what Bodyline, F+F, Anna House, etc is for. Nice cheap options <3
Oct. 9th, 2012 04:33 am (UTC)
Right. If something is your Holy Grail item, isn't part of the value saving and searching for it? And I do the same thing- brand for important stuff (to me) and Anna House or F+F for blouses, since they make them in my size. (Bodyline's are too narrow in the shoulders. *sigh*) And those three usually have some pretty cute prints of their own!


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