Because Utah has lolis, too!

Utah Lolitas
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This Community is for Lolitas or fans of lolita/japanese fashion in the Utah.
The only rules are:

1)Be Courteous.

2)Be Honest (If someone looks funny let them know nicely.)

3)Please put sales and pictures under a cut. You may have one small "preview" picture and a maximum of three lines of text outside the cut.

4)No explicit content or any content that is better suited to a personal journal.

5)Do not delete comments or entries without moderator approval. You can screen them, but contact us before deleting.

The moderators reserve the right to delete any entry or comment they deem inappropriate.

Any member that receives three (3) warnings will be temporarily banned for one month.
Any member that receives four (4) warnings will be temporarily banned for two months.
Any member that receives five (5) warnings or more will be permanently banned from the community.